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Default 1st pintail of the season

went out this mornin .... got to the area we had planned on huntin .... and the surrounding vegatation had been bushhogged to 2" or so .... lol .... no cover what so ever ..... so we decide to layout using burlap to cover up with .... get the dekes set out 30 minutes before legal shootin time .... standin there BS'n and in come 3 blacks ...... so 10 minutes or so before legal time we decide to settle in ..... get covered up and in swims 4 mallards ..... well as usual .... they flyout right before legal shootin .... right at legal time we are COVERED in birds .... and none of them will finish .... altho mad this point we are still crossin our fingers .... then in come 2 mallards along with a great lookin pintail .... with a LONG sprig ... had 1 mallard and the pintail on a string ... but the other one didnt want no part of it ... so after workin the birds for over 3 minutes ... they bugged out but those pintails sure get me goin so it was all well worth it ... even tho we didnt pull the trigger ....saw sum good groups of flight birds also ..... with the snow comin down like it was ... we stood out like a sore thumb .... shoulda had white sheets but didnt expect that much snow .... guess we shoulda built a fast blind and brushed it up but with the water droppin fast the field wont be worth messin with that now .... but we know where they went and hope to be there in the mornin if the water level co-operates ..... oh yeah ...carp if ya see me online give me a shout ... i need sum info in a BAD kinda way ..... good luck yall
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