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Default RE: I want to start coyote hunting???

If i was you, i would go and buy a randy anderson video. His new one he has out for primos is excelent. You will need some calls. Like a rabbit in distress call and a howler. The prices range from all over the place. I am a big primos fan, so thats really all the calls i have. I know they make great calls. There is a video that Primos makes that comes with two calls. It lays down the basics. Also if you watn to spen 15-20 dollars on a mouth call the Hot-Dog, Ky-Yi, Lil Dog are great calls.

I would scout the area that you are going to hunt first for any sighns. If you know that they are in the area, just find a nice place to sit down (like against a tree) and start blowing on the rabbit in distress calls. Use that for about 10-15 minoutes, and if nothing comes blow ont he howler for about the same time. Then if nothing comes, move to a different spot.

As for a firearm. I would use nothing bigger than a .243, and nothing smaller than a .22 mag. Shotguns work well to. Use some buckshot. Winter is a good time to hunt them. I usually hunt them throughout the day in winter, and in the spring, fall, summer, i hunt in the moring and in the afternoon

I am sure that there are people out there that can give you better info, but this is what i do and it works for me. So experiement a little and find out what works best for you.
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