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I went on my dad's yearly trip to the Hill Country this year for the first time: opening morning I shot an 8 pt that weighed 107 field-dressed, then turned around and got a 80 lb (field-dressed) doe out the back window. Then that evening I shot another 8 pt, this one 92 lbs field-dressed, and two days later I got my second doe. The first buck I shot quartering away, and after the bullet broke the off shoulder, he went down like a ton of bricks. The doe ran about fifty yards before she gave it up. The second buck I shot almost head-on, and he went down on the spot, too. I actually used a .300 Win Mag on the last doe (just wanted to break in the new gun), and she still went fifty yards after that bullet blew up her chest. (The agreement for the lease says we get four days to get two bucks and two does.)

In Georgia this year, I've only seen does and very small bucks, and the weekend before Thanksgiving I dropped a 125-lb doe where she stood. There's a really nice buck that's in our trail cam pictures, but I still haven't seen him. *fingers crossed* The best season I've ever had, to say the least.
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