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Default confusing spot!

I found a new spot about a week ago. Yes I now its late for new spots but nobody has hunted this area yet. I know this cause we have 10 members in our hunting club and after talking with everyone here and htere nobody has hunter there all year.

It is kind of close to the road but its a good spot. its about 150 -200 yards from the road. I kinda just got bored one day and walked in to take a look. My porperty mainly consists of mature pines, some clearcuts with young planted pines a a few hardwood bottoms.

I have my stand in a good location. I found a small rubline which either comes in from the road, or goes out to the raod. cant tell yet. there are 2 small scrapes in the area as well. I have sat in the mornings, and the afternoons, yet all I have seen is 2 small does and thats it!! I have tried calling with the can, rattling sequence, and grunting. Nothing seems to work. I am wondering if this is a spot they are travling at night?? or coming back in the morning when it is still dark..

I have enclosed a pic of the area. The white line to the left of the pic is the main road. The light grey on top of the pic is the access road into our hunitng club. the grey raod coming down through the center is just a small logging road to that area of the club. we have many of these in our club for access to all the areas of the land. The white circle is where I placed my stand. So you think this is just a night spot here or just bad timing in the last few times I hunted it ??

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