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Default The Scoring Conundrum Begins.....

Between the moderators that have been keeping track of this contest from the beginning what we hoped would not happening, (via emails ] the contesting of what scores people are putting out there has unfortunately begun..... .
I know well how to green score a buck and most people are being honest, infact I insist that some go back and rescore as methinks you may have underscored by a tad....and only a tad. Just by my observation of pics and scores posted is all I am going on at this time.

DH56 and I have discussed this somewhat prior to my posting...however to keep our "qualms" about the honor system from being realized and to keep things fair for gun bucks taken this is the link you need to use for your scoring:

After scoring then you need to also post your inchs, diameters as per the Boone & site that is the only fair way.....being as if I get the 10 pt that I have been watching and "think" he may go 130 perhaps...he may go less or more depending on "my" measuring tape.

The designated Bow hunters may use the Pope & Young site posted in the bow hunting forum, or in the earlier rule thread here.

Keep in mind folks, this is just for fun, yet a learning tool to boot ...... we are not trying to make it difficult, heck, you may if you do not already know ....learn something about green scoring your deer.
Which will be a plus and bring satisfaction and maybe even stop a shot while you wait for the "big one" to come in......

Thanks to all for your understanding and cooperation as it is very much appreciated. Good Luck to All....

Be Safe and Happy Hunting!! Most of all please enjoy your time out in the woods, regardless of what you harvest/kill..... It is not what you is afterall in reality.. What You Learn....each and every time out that counts!!

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