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Default RE: I may have just blown it!

I personally don't put much stock in rattling in blackies. I've successfully rattled in whitetails many times, but blacktails don't really seem to care. I've tried it in places that were loaded with BIG buck sign, and no luck. They aren't any where near as aggressive as whitetails, so I'd be really careful about how hard and long you rattle. I usually just tickle them together like 2 bucks feeling each other out more so than a knock down drag out fight. I think they come in more out of curiosity than to fight, but that's just my opinion. As the old saying goes, "A blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while", so you might get lucky sooner or later.

The opening week of late ML and archery season hits right around the peak of the rut "usually", but it seems to be early this year based on reports I've heard. I hunted ML last year for the first time, but usually I carry a bow.
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