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Trapper T

Sounds like you found a honey hole. I think patience will be the key. If you have a few bucks in a small area, one is bound to be around and on the hunt for does. During the late season I would try rattles, scents or bleats, or just plain ol' stealth depending on what the situation calls for.

If they are into recouperating rather than chasing does it will be a little tougher, but here are a few tricks I have used in the past.

Wind at my back.
One year it was very dry and I was having a hard time hunting some thick brush without making much noise. So with the wind at my back I went into the brush trying not to make too much noise. After a half hour I backed out moved down about 300 yards and snuck back in and shot a 3 point that was trying to skirt around my and my scent that drifted farther than I had walked.

Throwing rocks.
Almost every blacktail hunter I know throws or rolls rocks down draws to "kick something out", but not many throw rocks at deer they have jumped.
One year I jumped a large deer bedded in thick brush on the edge of a steep incline with an old cut below. I did not get a look at it, but it sounded large so I decided to try and jump it again. I found some large tracks and followed them away from the incline and into a flat of timber. I jumped the deer and saw horns as it headed for a skidder road back along the edge of the incline. I followed the tracks along the road until they went into some of the thickest, nastiest stuff you could imagine. As far as I was concerned that deer was gone so I decided to try something. I picked up a rock and threw it about ten yards into the brush, then threw a second about twenty yards, and when I threw the third rock farther then the others....I heard the deer jump and move away from me. I backed off a bit and hooked below the deer on the incline and found a good spot to glass the old cut. That deer went away from me and pulled a button hook and was now sneaking back through the old cut. He was a short, heavy horned 3x4 blacktail, but field dressed at 195 lbs..
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