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Default RE: I may have just blown it!

I know it happens too us all from time to time, and your right Slee it ain't just Buck fever, although in having this little episode I know now I probably won't go and use loose powder....for I'd have a big pile of it on the ground next to my feet trying to reload for a 2nd I hope the barrel wasn't wigglin' that much when I was aim[]

Well how's this to rub salt ina wound...The very next day(Sat.) I had to work and it was a house out in a remote area of Issaquah, well I had my rifle(7MM) in the truck so I could go right after work. Well at break my partner and I were sitting around shooting the Bull, when I catch a flicker out of the corner of my eye. Hear stands the Biggest 4X4 I'd ever partner too for that matter."WOW" I said."Should I shoot him!!!!" My co-worker said" %$#%@ YES!!!!!" so as I run out to my truck, the buck slowly sauntered off into the thick Vine Maple and Blackberry patch[] There's always Late buck so I'll be out there again. A while back I asked the Good Lord to let me really enjoy a good hunting season and maybe even hunt during the Rut....Becareful what you wish for....

Hey Slee and Elk101, you guys use M/L much for deer? What's the late season like? Are they still pretty "Rutty" then? Maybe next year I'll M/L for deer too?
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