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Default RE: I may have just blown it!

Elk101, you should shoot me an e-mail. I've got a spot I'll devulge to you that was pretty good to me last year. Unfortunately I didn't close the deal. 5 does in a clearing at first light, all less than 100 yards. It had been drizzling on the bike ride in, but I thought I had protected the nipple. Anyway, I ended up snapping the trigger 3 times on a large doe standing broadside at 50 yards. She finally fired on the 3rd time, but I guess I was expecting the click again, and missed her. Since I didn't know at the time if I connected on her, I passed on a walking shot on one of her buddies at 40 yards. Anyway, I'm back to flinging arrows now.

Trapper, good luck. I hate how those slam dunks always seem to get rejected. And it ain't just buck fever for me. The does get me pumped too, and I hope that never changes.
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