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Hi weatherby, I have a TRX. I really like the bow & can't see the extra $110. The cam looks to be the same. The riser is different and the limbs are recurved. I think the IBO speed is the same. 305. The limb pockets look the same. The TRX is very quiet and vibration free. The vibra shock stop is a good idea but will probably break. Mine did. I got it replaced and will see how long this one lasts. Both have the wood grip. The TRX is probably a little heavier, but not much. I think brace height is a little lower on the TRX. 6.7". The TRX also has the vibration dampners in the riser. Overall it's a really good bow in the $400. range. There's a thread on another board, atlasman just bought one and is happy as pie with his. I chose the TRX because it drew easier than a similar weight Epic. And was $110. cheaper. But I must admit I didn't shoot the Epic.

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