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Default RE: figure this one out

First of all Arthur had very valid points based upon the information as you presented it, and was offering his opinion........secondly, if you don't want EVERYONE's opinion then you should have just asked Huntersfriend and handled the matter privately instead of presenting your problem here. That attitude isn't going to bring the knowledgable guys here running to your rescue trust me.

On my own note, I am confused as to what you are saying?
You got used to shooting at 50# but wanted to go up in weight.......if the bow was maxed out then the limbs were already bottomed and you should have known even before you went to the dealer that you weren't going to get anymore weight.
The tag from Huntersfriend stated 55# with bottomed limbs?

Also, you drove to your "Local" BowTech dealer 115miles away to have him tell you the bow's draw weight is maxed?

I guess I'm not following.
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