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Default A pretty good last day of the season...

Well yesterday was the last day of the season for MN [:'(] and I had two tags to fill...1 either sex and 1 doe. I went out around 1:30. Right around 2:15, I had two fawns come into me(about 50 yards behind me) and feed all around me for 2 1/2 hours. So to say the least, I had something to keep my mind off the dang grey squirrels running up and down my tree sqwuacking(sp?) at me. Right around 4:00, I see two doe hook up with the fawns so I start to think that things are going to start to happen. No dice. They feed away from me probably off to their beds. Right about 4:30, I see two bigger bodied deer walking through the woods. They came right into me at 10 and 15 yards. Both 1 1/2' a fork(about 11 inch spread) and the other a six(about a 13 inch spread). Both of the bucks I haven't seen in probably 20 times on stand in that area. Which makes things more promising for next year. Could be a couple of dandys in the next couple of years. Well even though I didn't harvest an animal, it was probably the best ending to a season that I've ever had. Hope everyone has a good off season.
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