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Default Reality Check Time..No Record!

Past few days everyone's been ballyhooing about this "new WR deer in velvet". Seeing as how neither B&C nor P&Y have record categories for velvet this obviously cannot be true. So let's take a look at it from another perspective and see what we have shall we?

I'll try and put this another way so you people can see the reality of this. I'll give you an example of what's going on here. Johhny B just shot a really nice 6 pointer, I mean it's a beauty. Seriously. The G1's are at least 10" long and the G2's are even more impressive coming in at about 14 iches. The rack has great mass and with an inside spread of 23" and main beams of equally amazing proportions. What makes this rack even more impressive is the fact that Johhny B took this buck during the early archery season so the buck still has it's velvet on. We've done some prelimanary scoring and the buck easily makes P&Y. What's even more amazing is after doing our research we have discovered that this deer is a new WR 6 point in velvet.

Ok, are you starting to get the gist of this? Even if it is the largest 6 point in velvet ever taken (and the score would not even be considered official by P & Y with the velvet on it..that's why they have the asterisk beside them.) who cares? It would probably be ranked about 15,894 , if it made the book at all, and scaling the velvet off of it would redce the score even further. . The same cam be said for that buck everyones saying "OOOOOO....a new world record deer in velvet, scoring in at 214". Do you see the problem here? The deer is a non-typical AND ONLY GROSS SCORES 214. Big deal. Oh and for the record folks, that's not a net score it's a gross score, without the 60 day drying period and with velvet on. At 214 this buck doesn't even rank in the top 1000 for non-typicals. Take that velvet off, and you're probably looking at a deer that may not even qualify for B&C after deductions are taken into account.

So call it whatever you want. Fact of the matter is it's not that impressive. Oh and one more little tidbit for you. This is old news. It happened way back in September and has subsequently been re-scored......194 as a non-typical. THIS IS THE NET SCORE. In other words the deer only makes the book by 4 inches. That's some record....NOT!!!!!! Later.

Oh and one more thing of interest should be noted here. Jim was shooting a bow with 75% let off at the time. Take a look at the photo guys. Course I believe P & Y is changing the rule about that,,but I'm not sure it's retroactive.
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