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Default CVA Accura V2

I took the Accura out today after swapping out scopes. I initially shot at 25 yards to get me close. The target below was then shot at 100 yards. My first shot was the one at 6 O'clock and 3" low. Made an adjustment and fired the next 3. I swabbed between shots with a wet patch, both sides then a dry patch. Load was 80 gr of Alliant Black MZ and a 44 cal Hornady XTP 300 gr in a green Harvester CR sabot. To say I was happy would be an understatement. Group was .955" C-C. Just for giggles I had a gentleman at the range watch the 200 yard gong for me and I held midway between the crosshair and point of the duplex reticle and he said I hit just under the gong. I reloaded and put the point of the duplex on the gong and connected solidly. Not that I'd get a shot that far but at least now I know where to hold if I do.
Just an observation but I found the Black MZ to be cleaner than the BH209 powder. After swabbing with the wet patch both sides, the dry patch came out almost clean. This doesn't happen with BH209 from my experience.
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