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mrbb, You and I are permitted to reply as we see fit. I see many of the comments jumping the OP because of his beginning in the sport of hunting. If he were a relative of some of those making the comments and those relatives were stuck with getting an outfitter to hunt, they wouldn't be busting on him. The OP asked about clothing, nothing else and all comments were addressed elsewhere. Just recently I asked about Crispi boot fitment and YOUR reply went on forever. Thanks to GASWAMP I got an answer. You came on as ABSOLUTE and that we all should buy boots your way without noting my circumstances. I didn't need lectured on boot buying at 74 years of age I needed an answer. But I've noticed your need to be ALL-KNOWING whether it helps or not. And, here you are again when you want to dispute whether he is being shamed. Despite the many things you say that you have experienced you can be wrong and often come on a a BLOWHARD. If it is within you, reflect on what I have written and try to be responsive in a helpful way in the future.
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