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The only problem with the BigHorn 52 is finding 52cal conicals. Sabots you can always get from Knight. Its a excellent caliber actually. Parker sells conicals for it and there was a Ebay seller that had a few much cheaper. Dan at Bullshop can also probably come up with something.

You could not give me a Traditions. You can buy a CVA cheaper with a stainless barrel. Not some unknown steel alloy treated with nitride or Cerakote. Chromoly what?...IF you are so proud of the metal, state what kind of CMv it is. There are many chromoly steels. If its 4140 then say so. Knight does with the Vision.

Neither one is all that easy to cleanup in PACNW configuration. The internals that are hard to reach load up with crud from #11 or musket cap blowby. At least the Knight comes totally apart with 2 tools and every part is easy to inspect once you are done cleaning.

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