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Originally Posted by idahoron View Post
I am in Southern Idaho. I hunt almost 100% with a muzzleloader for big game. I have been hunting with them for 40 years. I have killed some pretty good animals with mine. That said our state F&G is not doing well with managing our state right now in my opinion.
A great gun to hunt Idaho with is a Knight MK85. I have a couple of them that I use from time to time on certain hunts. This rifle is Idaho legal.

I mostly use a more traditional rifle. Here are my Renegades.

This is my Hawken

Our laws for muzzleloader are not that hard to figure out. If you need help I would be glad to assist you with it.
Here are a few of the animals I have taken with mine.

Wow. I did not expect to run into another Idaho hunter here! Itís a small world! Thanks for the advice on the muzzleloader rifle. Iíll look into the one you recommended. Those are some nice kills! So far in my life, when it comes to big game, Iíve only taken two deer, one Whitetail in North Idaho, and one mule in south Idaho. I have also taken one black bear in South Idaho.

makes me wonder if a muzzleloader can take down a black bear. I honestly donít know.

thanks for the help.

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