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Now that's a deal!

Without knowing your state regulations....
The typical "advantages" to muzzleloader hunting is the extra season opportunities and easier tags to get.

Ex. Here in Ohio we have a late muzzleloader season for four days in January. PA has an early muzzleloader season as well as a late flintlock season. Some states have easier draw tags for muzzleloaders. Earlier seasons, can hunt elk while they're still bugling, deer in the rut, etc.

Some people like to hunt with muzzleloaders during regular firearms season. They either like the gun, like the added challenge, enjoy the traditional aspect of it, many reasons.

I got into muzzleloader hunting for the additional opportunities to be in the woods. And it's gotten me several deer already and my wife got a nice big doe during PAs early season as well. (She likes hunting in the warmer October weather).

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