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Im biased here. I do most all of my big game hunting with a front stuffer. Have quite a few of them but do use an old TC renegade primarily. These new inline breeds are an amazing feat of technology but out to 100 yards my old rene will shoot with the best of these new pups. Yes cleanup is much more detailed with muzzleloading rifles but it really is worth it. Some try to say shooting them is expensive and, while it can be, so can shooting any center fire. If you don't reload center fires you are in for a chunk for factory ammo nowadays. Out of curiosity, I was looking the other day at some 7mm.08 ammo for the twins rifles and about choked. Glad the old man taught me how to reload. Since you cant use 209 shotgun primers then Blackhorn 209 powder is out of the question. Percussion caps will set it off but not reliably. Thats pretty much the only black powder sub I recommend. If you do go down the Muzzle hole, Check out Swiss powder. It is without a doubt the most consistent powder on the market. There is a lot to learn with front stuffers but thats part of the fun. I've been shooting them for several decades and still learn something new all the time. It's really not about how much money you can sink into one, but how much time you can sink into what you get. Start out with a good intro rifle and you may still be shooting that old girl 40+ years later at whitetail.
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