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Both the 2 post above are spot on. Deer change their habits as the seasons change. Let me change that last sentence a bit. Deer change their patterns as the seasons change and it has little to do with human interference. Their pattern changes usually always revolve around food. Now introduce human interference (not casual because most deer around urban areas and agriculture areas are used to people being in the vicinity). What I'm talking about is hunting pressure. The older deer will turn almost completely nocturnal.
The only way you can hunt these deer is to get out early and stay late on trails leading to and from food and bedding areas. And even then you should find natural funnels like a strip of woods between two fields, a road and a stream or similar obstacle. This will give you the best opportunity to see them. The only other alternative is to hope the rut draws out the buck looking for hot doe. But even so these funnels or pinch points are the best areas. Buck at this time are driven for their desire to breed. This urge is sometimes even stronger than eating. But beware, the big bucks, although looking to breed are not stupid. They are still "on their toes" watching for danger as well as girlfriends. As for stand location the most important thing is to WATCH THE WIND. If the wind is wrong for the stand your chance of seeing any deer, even a sex crazed buck, is slim to none.
Good luck
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