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no its very unlikely you scared deer off the property with what you did, odds are food source changed and as such they moved to follow where the enw food source is,
deer that live in a place that have GOOD food all yr round, are almost impossible to scare off, so NO there not easy to scare
BUT that doesn't mean you will see them easy, they can be very good at avoiding humans, and can most times smell and hear you coming before you get there, and as such avoid you seeing them, they will also become very nocturnal at times to avoid human contact in day time, rather common in many places they live and get harassed in day time IMO!,

BUT if your running trail cams and NEVER seeing deer on them after a few days or weeks, then, something maybe changed to move them off, and you were just a small part of it!

deer are not super animals, there rather simple critters to be honest,
they require basic's, food, water, safety and cover, if they have that in one place/area they have zero reason to leave it,

BUT if any of these things become a regular hassle to them, they will move to avoid the hassle, as they like most folks, don't like being bothered often!

no food , no cover, no safety, on a property they will move off!, have food cover and safety, and odds are deer will stay there! even if bumped off a few times by you scouting and hanging stands/camera's!
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