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Originally Posted by NWIHunter View Post
Does anyone know have a theory on why the deer bonus tags for public land in Wisconsin pretty much sold out in less than a week? I've never seen this happen (maybe back when they were extremely limited) The last couple years I've been able to get one literally the day before opening day in November if I wanted. Now pretty much every county north of Hwy 29 is sold out and it happened in less than a week. I don't think it was due to the number available either as the county I hunt in had 2000 available for public land and another 2000 for private land. Also you can only buy one a day when they are available. Could that many more people be heading to the woods? The last 3 to 5 years the woods where I hunt has gotten a lot more quiet and seeing another hunter virtually was no longer happening.
Private land owners buying them, to prevent public hunters from getting any.
And they allow them to be purchased MONTHS before the season opens.
OR, people just buy them to hunt in counties other than where they live in case they want to hunt there?

I just checked the county I live in and the county nearest to me, and BOTH are at zero public tags, but over a thousand PRIVATE tags, in my county and over 4800 in the nearest county.
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