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I have had the Tactacam 2.0 and 4.0, but have not handled a Shotcam. Personally, I have found that type of footage to be exceptionally limited in utility, so I would recommend most folks wanting a hunt-film set up would be better off spending money on different camera types, or different gear. There’s simply not that much which can be done with the barrel POV; it makes cool B-roll stuff (nearly obligatory in some cases of the cliché YouTube channel), but for most folks wanting to produce quality content, this type of camera is not a great addition for the money.

*Note - watching that video, it looks like the glass in the Shotcam produces significant aberration, definitely not a fan of that. If that persisted in actual video, I’d send it packing in a heartbeat. It may have been a feature of the saturation or white balance settings he was running - which he extolled as “vibrant colors,” - but it looked terrible in that video.
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