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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
My own feeling is bounties and rewards for hunting or fishing do help but dont accomplish the goal. Pigs are invasive animals in about half the states and as far as I know unlimited killing hasn't removed them all. Nature finds a way to continue especially when an invasive only has man as its predator. It had been shown that wild pigs cant be contained and when they do escape cant be eliminated totally. These snakeheads can breath air so they can exist outside water for a period of time. Once fully grown they dont have many enemies other than man. Most of the places where they have shown biologists killed off the lake in order to remove them.
I agree to a point, I never want to see money placed on hunt able animals, its a bad road that leads to bad things

but when trying to eradicate an invasive species, I have NO issue's with a bounty or a reward on there heads
the name of the game is to kill as many as possible;to try and curb there advancement of taking hold and the steps needed to prevent this have to happen ASAP as problems are noticed

many places that have Pig?Hog issue's, have them due to things were too far gone for much help from hunters alone.
this is where sadly many depts fail, they wait too long to take action, and by the time they do, the problem is very hard to correct!

but adding an incentive of MONEY< motivates and will cause the death of more of the targeted species than just plain old ASKING ever will!
and this is why, so many agencies ,state ,federal, and the public use the offer of a reward to get help on countless things, plain and simple it works, to get folks that other wise wouldn;t get involved, involved!
its a time proven tactic!
its not perfect nor is it the single solution's to problems, but its a great tool used by many with GREAT results throughout history, thus why its still going on today !
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