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NO your missing the point
the bounty did bring out folks to kill the targeted animals PERIOD< it cause deaths to them
so, it worked!
are there, will there be those that abuse a things, SURE< but you cannot say it didn;t get folks to KILL things!
if cheaters will abuse things, its on the side of those handing out the rewards.bounties to prevent this side of things
sorry you don;t like this, but its also true!
you do seem to even ADMIT it was the SYSTEM and NOT the offer of bounties that was the issue! the offer of bounties/rewards DID work 100% as it was expected to do so!

and I am NOT stuck in the 50's-60's
as again, bounties are used RIGHT NOW In places,as are rewards,
( as a example in PA in 2020 ,PA game commission offer's rewards in there tips program, due to AGAIN it works so>??)
maybe you don't understand this and maybe its YOU that are stuck in the 50-60's and crying about how it didn;t work as planned back then, on the pay outs

but there is NO debating the FACTS it caused targeted animals to be killed DUE to the bounties!
thus I am NOT wrong, YOU are when you say it doesn;t work!
the flaw again is with the pay outs, not the motivation to get the kills!
and an invasive species is I gather wanted dead in ANY and ALL states
so if your so worried about folks cheating and bringing in fish from other states, WHO cares,??
the goal should be to get rid of them or as many as possible,

some thing is better than NOTHING!
doing nothing doesn;t help and will cost $$ as well from the destruction they will have on other species and bodies of water!
maybe you miss this point as well, seems you admit you have memory issue's!

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