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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
HAHA< there you go again showing your true ignorance and made up feeling of superiority!
as you have NO clue what I know or do not, so your just BELIEVING your something special, yet have NOTHING to go by but a GUESS on your side!
totally ignoring FACTS again!

and again,just refusing to admit your WRONG!

rewards have worked and DO work, its why there still used in so many ways, due to PAST RESULTS!

as do bounties, its been proven time after time it DOES work, just again, do something simple and stop acting like you KNOW IT ALL
and look back at results it has gotten on so many things!

the problem here is your missing the point and cannot separate your feelings from FACTS, and the fact your also missing the point
I NEVER said, rewards/bounties are a 100% FIX, which I am ASSUMING< you THINK I mean with this
, and aI DON"T
I have just said, rewards, bounties will HELP get rid of SOME<
HOWEVER< if you look at the PAST< when money has been used to get KILLS on animals, the results have worked 100% of the time (so much so on some animals, they have been placed on endangered species lists) to GET SOME folks to participant[pate in doing so!

this is also a FACT again, on people shooting hawks and owls and foxes in PA!
it WORKED< its GOT people to SHOOT them!

your ignorance to say other wise is amazing!!
you should really think about what your standing behind saying other wise!
you cannot be that dumb to say people DIDN:T shoot then and got paid for doing so!
when 100% without a doubt it DID happen!

I am sure you intentionally missed the art that the system was rife with fraud, in all states that had bounties., they paid as many bounties for animals and birds from other states as they did for the ones killed in their own states. All bounties did was cost a lot of money. Now I am done with this because you cannot teach anyone who will not learn and is stuck in the 50s and 60s.
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