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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
I really wish you would get off your HIGHT and MIGHTY Horse
I am NOT wrong, you are
the facts are simple and not made up
rewards and bounties DO work and are used in countless things today for this reason
rewards for tips on crime, finding things, are ALL proven methods that WORK to get help when others other wise maybe wouldn;t!

the facts are again, PROVEN< that many things that had bounties on them throughout history were killed off to the point of becoming extinct or some have! and many are close and why so many are now protected!
(and there are REWARDS to those that give TIPS leading to arrests of folks that still KILL THEM)

this is a FACT, I am NOT wrong
look it up if you think I am wrong before calling someone something that is FALSE!
I gave you FACTUAL examples

so, maybe before you go being a EX GAME WARDEN that knows it all, look back at your former employers history
you wish to TRY and use , the old bounty crap on hawks and owls and foxes, which was THERE TO GET RID OF SMALL GAME KILLERS!
trying to save the pheasants mostly!
when the problem wasn't really ALL predator, heck the major player in there loss wasn't even them

YET< TONS of folks DID shoot and kill hawks and owls and foxes when there was a reward /bounty on them'
so that is a FACT< it DID work
it got folks to shoot and kill hawks/owls and foxes!
or do you believe it did NOT do this??

NO it didn;t save our pheasants
that was a issue with many other problems That quite frankly the PA game commission dropped the ball on BIG time
going from a top 5 state to almost zero wild pheasants, is a SHAME!
the hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars WASTED on pen raised birds, known to NOT make it on there own at super HIGH death rates if NOT shot by hunters!

was a LOT of wasted money, that could have been spent on BUILDING habitat that could support them, acquiring more land that could be shaped into this habitat too!

talk about wasted $$
well, never hear any wardens ever stand up and admit this was a failure on there part!, and trust me been to enough meetings and asked and heard the excuses they give!

or talks about the damages done to PA's forest, from MAJOR over browsing left go for far too long before anyone seemed to notice!
now were having grouse issue's
after a more than a decade of hunters and folks saying there numbers are WAY down
the PA GC< finally is admitting there is an issue??
its SLOW reactions like this that are the problem!

things get too far gone, before any REAL actions seem to ever happen!!
this is HOW invasive species take HOLD of places
waiting TOO long to take action!!

and before you go thinking I am a PA GC hater, I am NOT, I am very GLAD there , there!
they have done countless GREAT things since there start up, I am personal friends with MANY that work for the PA GC< both current on the job and retired and have even worked with them countless times in my yrs!

but there is NO denying the FACTS of things they have FAILED AT too!
and the FACT your EX warden, makes you IMO< have strong feelings to ALWAYS defend them!, over looking maybe some things
and thus why your so QUICK to call me out at times!, when you have NO honest right to TELL me I am WRONG, when I gave facts to prove I was NOT!

I will never be one to back down from a BULLY., which you are trying to be here IMO!

ignoring FACTS to say YOUR RIGHT!!

nothing motivates like MONEY< but MAYBE FEAR!!
the two strongest motivation tools in life period!
Sorry you think that someone telling the truth is a bully, however I will accept the title because being right is not a bad thing. Denying the truth is a bad thing. I suspect I know a whole lot more about the days of bounties than you do. You can try all you want to deny that bounties did not work in the past and will not work in the present, however you will be wrong. I am quite surprised that you would resort to the bully label when told you are wrong,I never took you for a snow flake!
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