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There is no need to spend alot of money on a very good reliable crossbow. The money saved I would opt for better optics.

I have two Centerpoints, and no issues at all !!!

My most current one is the Centerpoint 415 Patriot which is sold at Walmart, but they come under two other model names: Amped, and Heat, all three are the same no difference. I replaced the scope that came with it with a Hawke Sports Optics 1.5-5x32 XB1 SR Illuminated #12221 it's speed rated about $170 maybe less,another decent scope is a Centerpoint Illuminated Scope that isn't speed rated about $50.00 the quiver replaced with a Kwikkee Kiver, the supplied bolts I use to discharge only, for sighting in and hunting I use Victory Decimators with Lighted Nocks three for $30.00 from Dick's Sporting Goods. I had the trigger adjusted so now it's 2.5 lb pull with a 1/8" creep, the bolt retainer was replaced (not necessary) with a brush retainer. For a good price on the Centerpoint 415 click on the link below, add your email and once in stock they will contact you, three friends did it last month and got them a few weeks ago