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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
best advice, is go to a few bow shops(when you can) and go and actually SHOOT them models and a few others
and there is NO real reason anyone need a higher costing X bow, not to say higher costing bows are bad or not worth it
just saying there are a lot of great deals on X bows and they will shoot well , be reliable and safe!
they just won';t have all the best features and speeds
but they will for sure kill you deer if you do your part right!

one of the main reason I suggest going and shooting possible models, is making sure it FITS YOU< as what gits me and others might not be what feels comfortable and fits you
then you can HEAR the differences in noise of firing each model and there is a difference
shooting them also helps you get a feel again for fit and balance, and you get to se how wide they are and what type of hunting you do, how wide they are will matter!

nothing beats going and shooting bows before buying IMO

all the reviews in the world will never beat actually going and test shooting some models and picking the one YOU like best!
thatís the problem there is no archery shop real close to me closest one is bass pro and Iím not sure if they let you actually shoot the bow. Sticking on the lower end of the spectrum, Barnett just dropped a recurve for 2020 the wildcat and blackcat same bow different color rated like 260 FPS, is that enough for deer, I do realize my shot will probably have to be within 20-25 yards if not closer if its even doable
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