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Default Crossbow recommendations

New hunter here, Ok so about the recommendations, I’m hearing that lower cost bows like centerpoint are reliable as well, and I don’t need a 600+ bow, how true is that, what about killer instinct? Again just trying to gain all the knowledge I can. And Excalibur I want really starts at 7 so that’ll be something for later down the line that I make a more expensive purchase but for now I want to spend around that all together if not less than that for bow package,case, rail lube, if it doesn’t come with the package wax and a target for now and arrows and field points if it doesn’t come with the package as well, and some decent optics if the bow calls for it and doesn’t already have some decent optics on it. Will be deer hunting. Edit: after more research I am opting out of the “budget” bow selection and want to stick with reputable brands, I hear wicked by TenPoint is going also, I thin the crossbow is called the TenPoint titan skinny, anyone have hands on experience with that bow, also another question I wanted to ask m, how much is a “suppression or dampening” system NEEDED, could I not put on one my bow and it be perfectly fine? Also I’ve pretty much narrowed it down now. Between the Excalibur matrix G340 or the TenPoint TitanSS skinny

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