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Default First time turkey hunter

Hi Iíve been into deer hunting for years , last year really wanted to turkey hunt bad but didnít get out for spring gobler and now itís fall and last 2 days are the 28th and 29th , I have 15 acres and have trail cameras that send the pictures to my phone , over past month 4 times I have seen a flock of 12 turkey in one spot I have a stand at , the only thing that scares me about going out , is how do I know they will come through on the 28th and 29th online everyone says I need to find where they roost , how the hell do I do that ? Go outside befor sunrise and use a owl call ? Any help is appreciated as you can tell Iím a beginner in the turkey department , but Iíve talked to turkey hunters and they say itís amazing and I wanna see what the hype is and might be start of a new future
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