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I would think you can try adjusting the straps on the stand to different places to try and help move things,
can maybe try adding an adjustable hip strap too, maybe have a look on craiglist and facebook if you do that, and try and find a old broken backpack leave blower , and salvage the straps off it, and use on stand to help carry the load better

but I doubt your going to find a big improvement
there just a pain to carry far IMO

one thing I can add here, is HOW you attach the climber to the stand also can help change the weight and how it rides on your back

I used a lone wolf and even used to strap my back pack to the stand to help make it easier for ME< and were all different on what we tolerate/like

but having the hip strap helped me a LOT, still wasn;t fun to go far with, but made it better than how it came from the factory
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