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Originally Posted by TheRelentlessHunter View Post
Hey Guys,

Currently at 25 yards I am getting extremely tight groups about 6 inches low, 3 inches left. I just wanted to adjust up, but I went maybe 24 clicks + (1/4 @ 100 yards), no movement up.
This seems like a scope problem of some sort. Not saying yours is cheap cause you don't indicate what brand it is but I stopped purchasing cheap scopes on my hunting rifles. I only use Leupold. All of my Leupolds move exactly the distance they are supposed to when I make adjustments. Cheap scopes clickers seem to have a mind of their own. One time 4 clicks is an inch and next time its 4 inches.

I have a CVA optima that would not group better than 3-4" at 100 yards with pellets. Tried all kinds of bullets and sabots to no avail. I switched to Blackhorn 209 powder and got the Blackhorn breach plug for the CVA and its a much better shooter now. 1-2" groups at 100yds. My go to deer load is 100g (by volume) Blackhorn and a 240g XTP Mag with crushrib sabot. Took 3 deer last year with that load.

When I check my gun for accuracy I do it with a fouled barrel. I always shoot one shot thru the gun before checking accuracy. I also hunt with a fouled barrel. My gun shoots much more consistently after the barrel has been fouled with a shot or two. With Blackhorn, corrosion and loading difficulty are not a problem. It doesn't foul the way pellets and other black powders do. I love the stuff. Wont use anything else.
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