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You have 10 acres to hunt but what is around it. It won't take too long to scout out 10 acres and figure out if the deer are already using it. Is there anything to attract them like a stand of oaks, thick bedding area cover or maybe a stream. I wouldn't ditch the corn that fast if you put some out with a camera you may get an idea of what is in the area. If you are on a spot that has no reason for the deer to go there the corn may be your only option !

I have a spot that I hunt that is 40 acres and there isn't really any reason for the deer to go or stay there. I put out a feeder and now have deer devert to check out the feeder and I am getting pics of bucks now crossing onto the property to check out the does that come to the corn. I don't actually hunt over the corn but the routes that are now being used to access the corn.

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