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Originally Posted by Erno86 View Post
Besides grunt tubin'...I like to rattle in bucks an does. A place that has a 3 buck to 1 doe ratio is ideal for rattln'. My hunting zone (Maryland) best from October 21 on for rattling, to just before the majority of does come into estrus (November 4, 5 & 6???).

I get a pair of fresh rattln' antlers, and drill a hole near the base of each antler, so I can tie about a 1 foot long heavy string between them, and tie a knot on each end so the string won't slip back through the holes. Then I tie a strong string (parachute cord???) halfway between the 1 foot string, and make it long enough to hang from my tree stand so the antlers will come into contact with the ground.

So I lower the antlers to the ground from my tree stand (the bucks expect a buck fight on the ground and not in a hunter's mounted tree stand) --- Then I shake (up an down) the string from my stand to make that rattln' sound. If the buck comes in but starts to lose interest and walks away...tick the antlers together a little bit with the string. He'll usually stop an possibly give you a quartering away lung shot.
Good to know the head of a buck is good for something other than a shoulder mount!
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