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here is a thought
I won't mention brand name
but I had a higher end inline muzzloader, and had accuracy issues, , I went thru a few hundred bucks in different loads/sabots, powders, and a fe GRAND in different scopes, it just wouldn;t shoot well consistently!
gun went back to maker, they re barreled it, came back shooting worse, they blamed all sorts of things in which were replaced with new one's
from stock up, went back to factory again, they put a third barrel on it, sent it back to be with a test target of a 4.5 inch group at 50 yards and told me it shoots great for them ??
I DON"T call a 4.5 inch group at 50 yards good, maybe that's me??
found it rather wrong of them to say that is good, but at same thing thing they were just as frustrated as me trying to figure out what was wrong with this giun!

next step was take gun to a custom rifle builder and have them do a once over and try to make it shoot
I have other inline's, but for me this was sort of quest to try and find out WHY it shot so poorly at random!
I went thru 5-6 different scopes and scope mounts, breech plugs, had barrel bores lapped, re crowned, , trigger jobs done, , about everything under the sun, and the gun just wouldn;l shoot well, with me or the 25+ others that tried!
after a LOT of money down the drain, and a a good 2+ yrs of trying things!

I sold the gun CHEAP , story told of its issues' along with lots of paperwork from maker at what they tried, did, and other gun smiths tired and did to it!
it went with 3 extra barrels and a whole tool box of NEW extra parts, data on loads and more info than you could imagine!! LOL

IMO< some guns, just have issues, that NO logic can explain, seems odd as there just parts, but, for what ever reason/s
this inline was NEVER able to hold a nice group consistently no matter what was done to it period, no expense was spared too!

SO< before going too deep in spending trying things, Maybe just upgrade LOL
best of luck to you
things I would suggest trying first, check, breech plug is good, if gun pivots, make sure pivot pin is tight, stock mount screws tight and re torqued to same spec's
make sure your loading things consistently, as IMO this is a #1 reason many struggle to get better groups with inlines,
and use a consistent cleaning of things when testing loads!

make sure scope mounts are tight too
best of luck!
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