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Default Still getting SCAM crap

Originally Posted by IBanna View Post
There is an unsubscribe button on the bottom of all emails.
Actually, on this one there is not. If you click on the image I provided, you will see that there is no link made available anywhere on it to stop it from using your email and being sent to you. Still getting these and they have nothing to do with hunting or the site. Been told that, if there isn't a link on them to "Unsubscribe" to them, that they are illegal. IBobi, as you say that this scam garbage is actually being sent from then perhaps you can look into why the "opt out" is NOT on these. Can you also offer a valid explanation why this bogus crap, that has nothing to do with hunting in any way in addition to being a SCAM, is being sent to us? In addition, on my user settings, Receive our newsletter and special promotions from our partners is absolutely not checked and never has been. This says to me that our preferences on here are ignored.
Originally Posted by archiebates13 View Post
You can get rid of those newsletters by marking them as spam. In this way, all the emails from that address will be sent into spam/junk folder..
I agree. But the address on this IS from and they are using the email address I provided when I registered. If the site or it's members send me something (VALID) I want to be able to receive it. Possibly our personal information is being sold for a profit but the senders of the scam are having it sent from The address it's from is [email protected] I looked and is a part or linked to that travel site. Perhaps the site is only a front set up by the travel site to harvest information?


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