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Default Scope Issue - Looking for help

Hey Guys,

Running into a problem Ive never had before. I have been trying to zero my CVA Wolf for months now. Generally it only takes me a few shots to zero a firearm, but I just cannot get this to zero.

I have tried hard sights, 3 red dotread vortex diamondback 3-9x40, and now a traditions muzzleloader scope. Everytime it seems I am getting some consistency it all disappears.

Currently at 25 yards I am getting extremely tight groups about 6 inches low, 3 inches left. I just wanted to adjust up, but I went maybe 24 clicks + (1/4 @ 100 yards), no movement up.

Any ideas why this may be and how to fix the issue? When I reached out to CVA they told me to use different powder and sabots. To confirm I have tried many different bullets and powders, loose and pellets. Same issues. Currently using Hornady SSTs and Triple 7 loose powder at 100 grains like CVA recommended.

All suggestions welcome.

Thank you
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