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I can understand your idea, as this is why many folks go to no till plantings(me included)
but when your doing food plots, and not making money off the plantings(unless a guide service like deal)
its very hard fr the average hunter ti justify the costs of planters like this
even just using a tiller period is a slower going deal than a faster turning disc for most hunters when you compare dollar to dollar, it takes a LOT of yrs to get any savings back from the upfront costs
yes time can be money and or a big part of things
which is why I said, budget might vary and make the items justifiable for some
I have used some like devices in the past, all ion one food plot planters
so I do have actual experience
in places I used them however, things were so rocky, and breaking shear pin's
the down time was NOT worth using them, and saved us NOTHING in production times
a simple disc, roll seed and go, works better for a LOT of Hunters that plant in less than great sites and soils!
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