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Default Oklahoma Season review

While this season wasn't near what it should have been lets do a run down,

3600 miles driven
10 full days hunting
70 miles walked
helped 3 hunters get their first Rio
1 of them it was their first bird, Also I didn't personally know any of them. They asked for help on facebook and I was happy to.
Saw my first timber rattler
Passed 1 jake
had iffy shots at 2 toms but elected to use better judgment and not take a chance on wounding a bird
Took a nap in the alfalfa and when waking sat up and dang near crapped myself when several quail flushed from around my legs ha
1 good clean shot on a decent bird. Waiting for the smoker!!

Over all this has been the toughest I have seen it for a turkey season and the most work I have ever put into it. While I am disappointed that I didn't end up with at least 1 more bird down, I am very please I was able to help a few others with their season and consider this a success. I will have 4 more days of turkey hunting in the Black Hills starting Sunday. Hopefully I can pull off a 1st bird for my wife and get lucky with a harvest for myself as well. Then back to dreaming about next year.

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