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A heck of a long shot Sniper, nearly a quarter of a mile. The 6.5X55 carries fairly well but is not up to what a 270 can do, I have passed up shots over 300 yards with a Leupold on a 30-06 bolt action. I paid $255 plus shipping for this one, it is supposed to be new but I haven't received it yet. These are now discontinued so they are not as attractive as they once were. I will have to figure out how to use the RZ-6 reticule. This will be used for deer in the Midwest with a mixture of woods and open fields, I hunt the open fields from stands. The rifle I had put together with an unused M38 receiver, barrel and bolt that I bought 25 years ago or so, they were spares that Sweden had in stock and sold along with the M96 and M38 rifles. I have a new wood stock in the finishing stage now, I will final sand it and Tru-oil it. It has been glass bedded, I am hoping for the accuracy that these guns are known for as well as the caliber. Hopefully the Terra will fit right in.
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