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Originally Posted by Nomercy448 View Post
My point was it was just a car, and popular in its day. No different than a Rem 700 or Win 70 from 20-30yrs ago - they were just rifles of their day. We all want to think a 1985 CDL was a fine piece of craftsmanship, but it really was just a rifle, thousands of them made each year. So a low mileage Tempo really isnít so different than a blued and walnut 1985 700 CDL... just a rifle...

A whole generation of hunters and shooters coached their sons, daughters, and mentees, the next generation of hunters and shooters to get a heavy barreled rifle for varmints, to get stainless rifles for wet conditions, and that dinging up a nice wood stock is criminal... They taught the next generation that buying used might mean buying someone elseís problem, and that buying new for the same price or just a little more as used is often good insurance. It shouldnít be surprising that they listened and donít buy blued and walnut rifles.
HAHA< actually there were no CDL rem's back then, they were either ADL or BLD's LOL

I fully agree, nothing wrong with buying a good used rifle, but in today's world of folks with or THINK they have disposable income, most seem to want NEW to be in the newest coolest rifle, and most buy based on marketing, and don't really know a LOT about rifles , and what makes one better than another, or better suited for one thing over another
marketing tend to make more sales today than yrs back IMO
and you didn;t have so many models as you do now, due to things worked and most didn;t see a need to keep making silly changes to sell more
tried and true worked
then the modern era came upon us, and now its a crazy world where everyone NEEDS to have new things often!, or seems this way to me!
the more buttons silly names or gadgets an item has the more folks want them!
or if seen on TV or multi media being used by "X" person, they buy into the hype and HAVE TO HAVE IT Mind set so many seem to have today!
from a former gun store owner, I can tell you I made more money selling USED guns than I ever did selling NEW one's.
so, win win for me were and still are on used guns
pick up some great deals all the time on them, by folks caught up in marketing hype needing NEW ONE"S LOL
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