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My point was it was just a car, and popular in its day. No different than a Rem 700 or Win 70 from 20-30yrs ago - they were just rifles of their day. We all want to think a 1985 CDL was a fine piece of craftsmanship, but it really was just a rifle, thousands of them made each year. So a low mileage Tempo really isnít so different than a blued and walnut 1985 700 CDL... just a rifle...

A whole generation of hunters and shooters coached their sons, daughters, and mentees, the next generation of hunters and shooters to get a heavy barreled rifle for varmints, to get stainless rifles for wet conditions, and that dinging up a nice wood stock is criminal... They taught the next generation that buying used might mean buying someone elseís problem, and that buying new for the same price or just a little more as used is often good insurance. It shouldnít be surprising that they listened and donít buy blued and walnut rifles.
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