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I have hunted elk passionately for roughly the past 40 years. South West Colorado and North Central Wyoming have a lot of my boot tracks. Most of my hunting has been with a backpack at higher altitudes with a rifle playing the spot-and-stalk game. My occupation allows me to be absent from the office for a month or so at this special time of year. As an East Coast guy the altitude is rough on me so I always go a week earlier than the hunting days just to acclimate a bit to the altitude. During this early time I spend many hours behind a spotting scope to get some sense of where the elk were likely to be found, and where other hunters would be roaming.

Elk in this type of country are not at all tolerant of humans and if they are spooked they will go far away. Most other guys like to walk or ride the easy paths on the main ridge tops so I often found the elk liked to bed on a shady bench off the top of one of the side ridges. The stalking part sometimes involved running to try to intercept elk as they went into or came out of the timber. Elk hunting for me was a game of legs and lungs, and going places others would not. I envied the horse hunters (aka "pony soldiers') that could cover more ground but found that there were many places that horses will not go.

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