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Default Elk Hunting: Decades of Experience & Wisdom

Big Country has suggested establishing a reference topic for elk hunting tips and tactics from people who either have decades of elk hunting experience (sometimes over 50+ years) or have taken several elk (say at least 5-10). The idea is to have members share their experience and wisdom with other members who have less experience or are just starting out.

This topic is not designed to have any links, gear lists, states to apply in, calibers or gun recommendations (those can be posted in other topics). Just your suggestions for other members on how to be a more successful elk hunter in any of the Western states with elk tags on public land. IOW, provide tips and tactics to help newbies, just like you would provide for a son/daughter or niece/nephew who are going elk hunting for the first time or have elk hunted only a little and are looking to substantially up their game and chances for success. With all of your collective experience gentlemen, this topic could easily provide over a couple hundred years of combined elk hunting experience--something no book provides.

In PMing back and forth with Big Country, he suggested many of the following members as having a lot of elk hunting experience and who have a lot to offer. Iíve added a few names myself but am not on this list. I have hunted elk before but don't have anywhere near this level of elk hunting experience. Some (but not all) of the members who have this level of elk hunting experience and wisdom include: Alsatian, Big Country, Big Uncle, bronko22000, BRUSE, buffybr, Champlain Islander, dig4gold, flags, hardcastonly, idahoron, Iowawhitetail2016, MountainDevil54, mthusker, Muley Hunter, Rob in VT, ronlaughlin, sundance55, TwoBears and of course, stealthycat. I know more members have this requisite experience and apologize in advance for not naming all of you. But please consider also sharing your experience and wisdom.For the rest of us, please respect the topic guidelines and elk hunting experience for requirements for posting. And for everybody else that would like to soak up a whole lotta years of elk hunting experience and wisdom, enjoy the topic from all of these guys paying it forward.
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