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C.I., as you know.... We've been through this dance before not that long ago as moderators.

There is a disconnect somewhere between moderators and admin on these phantom members signing up. As I'm sure you remember, when we were watching for these profiles to sign up it wasn't uncommon for us to delete 5-10 a day. Easily. And that was just watching the new sign ups... Not even searching the member list. You could probably spend a year searching the member lists.

Mods spent allot of time trying to get these banned, only to be told that they are a non issue, or that they didn't matter unless they post.

I still post new members as I see them sign up to a moderator thread and admin erases them. But that's really only a few every week, as I just don't have the time to be online more. But, as you see, according to admin... These don't matter or effect anything unless they are actively posting spam in the forums.

Even though the "membership" continues to rise daily.... I wouldn't expect the active posters to continue to rise. This of course is old news to you. As you've been through the song and dance previously.

I did see one spam post in the fishing forum today. If anybody noticed anything else let me know and I'll take care of it.

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