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Originally Posted by IBobi View Post
The answer is, it doesn't cost spammers anything to create a spam profile. Maybe they plan to spam post with it later, maybe they think just putting a link in the profile is going to get them something. What, I have no clue. But again -- who cares? Spam profile that nobody sees unless someone comes looking for it? Not a problem.

I've been asking if anyone has an idea of what the daily volume of spam posts is right now, because it seems really low to me. Yes, the ones that are made do stand out more right now because it's summer and the forums are quiet, and 1 spam post in 10 real posts stands out more than 1 in 100, which is more like what we see in the fall.

If someone wants to say there is a ton of spam posts, I'll look into it -- but I am not seeing it, nor am I seeing a lot of reported spam posts. If I'm wrong, let me know.
You aren't wrong. I looked at all today's posts and didn't see any evidence of spam on the 20 some odd posts which include yours and mine on this thread. With 254,550 members one would think a few more would be posting. I guess it must be because it is summer.
EDIT: Less than a day later we now have 254,571 members according to the stats at the bottom of the main page. We grew by 21 members since yesterday. One would think they would want to start posting.

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