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Good post champlain islander with lots of good information. It sounds like you guys definition of spammers is different from admins. If I understood admin Ibobis earlier posts correctly, admin is only worried about spammers who join and then post spam. If a spammer from India signs up, puts a link in their signature that's obviously spam but never posts, it's all good. And then you get those member lists with thousands of spam members who never make a single post but have spam links in their signatures. From what ibobi said, that doesn't hurt huntingnet. If that's true, then why do those spammers create those member accounts? What's in it for them? And does it hurt huntingnet's brand or make no difference? This is one of those situations where it doesn't quite make sense on the surface and you know nthere's got to be more to the story The spammers have an angle otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their time creating thousands of accounts with signature links. So what is huntingnet's angle?
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