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Question Long post on IMO quality among brands

My last Rem was a 770 nearly 11 years ago "I think". It is and has been what I call my truck gun and has spent more time in the quad cab on rear floor than in the front seat. It's my beater rifle that goes everywhere rain snow or shine. It was the biggest piece of junk outside being extremely accurate until I got serious about making it a "shooter", all done myself. A little polishing here and there, a serious trigger adjustment (those were heavy lawsuit days when it was sold, a 7+lb trigger pull is stupid) and a stock for it and it's still the "truck gun", see the attached image.

As far as Remington, I still think their product OK especially in the blueing, steel used, etc. but seriously believe they're in trouble and I hate to see it.

I love my Savage in .300WSM but honestly it's too fast for most deer huntingand their blueing sucks. I still use it hunting in very open country at longe range Mulies but it's either my REM7600 '06 purchased 34 years ago? or the truck gun that typically accompany me when taking a jaunt into the brush or timber.

Will Remington go away? Financial advisers can tell you better than I, but the fact that so many "posters" are going the CZ route doesn't bode well for them. Their handgun campaign was a joke IMO, their screw up with their early Marlin purchase was abominable! To make Marlins without a fit and finish? REALLY? The mildly old 336's were the gold standard of .30-30/.35's in mid to late seventies and early 80's, subject only to the really old win 94's. Savage quality has declined (compared to the 99 days) yet accuracy and being able to modernize (their bolt guns) has gone up.

Will Remington survive? Probably, and I knew a VP personally as I guided along side him one summer back in the hay-days for them.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has stock "numbers"/"worth" from the parent companies of the most popular gun vendors from 2013 as compared to 2018/present

Sorry for the long drawn out post.

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