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Remington being held by Freedom/Cerberus is sub-ideal, they're an anti-gun organization, profiteering from a legacy asset. In bankruptcy during a high market, they could hypothetically be picked up by someone who will be a more beneficial steward of the legacy, carrying it into the future.

Remington has a lot of products which do compete in their respective classes, and they do have solid performers. The R-15 and 25 are good players in their class, then they brought out the 700 Magpul and now the PCR to stay relevant in the new trend of "precision long range" competitive rifles. The Sendero II may not be the old Sendero we used to know, nor the 700P the same PSS, but they're still about as good as it gets in factory offerings. Other brands have come a long way to catch up to Remington, which is fair and fine to say, but the 700 remains a contender in any conversation about bolt action rifles. Customer service, even under Freedom/Cerberus, remains to be great, minus a few disgruntled folks who can't be pleased. Given proper stewardship of a new strategic leader, Remington could continue to enjoy thorough growth and ample prosperity in the future.

Unfortunately, I would expect the company is large enough such when the dust settles, it will either have been picked up by another holding house, or distributed into divested business segments, shutting down or parting off different lines into different companies, leaving the legacy to be fractured and distorted by any number of strategic leaders with any number of different visions for their respective directions...
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